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International Muslim Business Network

We are one third of the world's population. We rule more than 33 countries yet we go unnoticed. In numbers we might be the maximum number of professionals.
We have a wealth of knowledge, professional expertise & the willingness to help and support. Contribute by some way or other to the development of the Umma yet we struggle.
We encourage professionals to take maximum advantage of this platform. The idea is to consolidate the professionals of entire Umma under one roof, solely dedicated to the Umma, by the Umma for the Umma.
We as Umma need to connect & mentor the next generation, which is stronger than ours filled with leaders, entrepreneurs, professional & business leaders beyond region, ethnic & linguistic barriers.
We recommend each professional to adopt & mentor at least one student to guide them through the future.
Imagine an Umma that has one experienced professional adopting & mentoring at least one upcoming student in his pass time. Our words will not be able to define the result. It will be beyond comprehension.
By entering the total years of experience let us show the world how many years of collective experience we as an Umma have.


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