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International Muslim Business Network

We know that we have great talent in our community. We also know that most of the time these talent and ideas do not see the dawn of light due to one or the other reason.
We know that our community is hard working but realise that efforts are being put in individual silos, which is not having the best results.
Most us do not share our ideas because we are hesitant of
   Being laughed upon.
   Fear of failure.
   Fear of someone stealing the idea.
   Lack of believe in the idea.
   Lack of Self-confidence.
We as a team encourage the next generation entrepreneurs to come and share their ideas.
We will have a platform by organising these events. In each event we will allocate time for at least 3 new ideas. We will invite people who can be potential investors, mentors & business leaders who can give valuable insight & are ready to help & mentor.
They are many individuals in the community who are having exemplary knowledge in various distinctive fields. The exceptional talent of these individuals can be utilized to mentor the community.
We invite and recommend individuals to come forward and volunteer themselves to mentor the community.


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